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“The ensemble has proven their skills in building up the dramaturgy in their programme, which captures the attention and holds it all the way to the end, suggesting the ideas as if in one breath. Succinctly, with no excess. And so on.

From the Bulgarian song-writer, the jubilee, through another jubilee - John Adams, the Armenian - Alan Hovhaness, John Williams and Martin Georgiev. A journey through different ages, different styles, different signatures, felt and interpreted by Vania Stankova, Ivo Stankov and Lachezar Stankov.

A musical family, which not only works as an ensemble, but every one of whom has reached the high interpretative state, and level. I call it a state, because in chamber music the pulse of every participant must be the pulse of a whole body. And this happens somewhat naturally in this family ensemble. ”

‘Duma’ National Newspaper, Sofia

“The Trio performed the Spanish repertoire with finesse and style – the most memorable of the evening were De Falla’s ‘Seven Popular Songs’, exquisitely performed by Vania and Lachezar Stankov; Ravel’s ‘Tsigane’ where Ivo Stankov’s playing was spirited and temperamental, and Lachezar Stankov’s dazzling performance of ‘Sevilla’ from the Suite ‘España’ by Albeniz.

In the arias the singer showed the quality of her voice and the intelligent use of timbre, strength and dynamics.

At the end of the concert we heard the Suite ‘España’ by Chabrier arranged for voice, violin and piano – original and effective.”

‘Kultura’ Newspaper, Sofia