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"This is a fascinating issue with wide-ranging appeal. It contains several surprises: how many know of Bliss'sthree songs for voice and violin, composed when he was 75? Or similar pieces by Holst and Rebecca Clarke or Rachmaninoff's songs with violin obbligato? Here they are, with music by more long-standing names and by the contemporary Bulgarian Antoni Donchev (b 1959) and other lesser-known but eminently worthy composers. If it seems a collection rather too wide-ranging for many tastes, I must enthusiastically recommend this surprisingly successful disc. It is very well recorded."

FIVE STARS rating, James Palmer, Musical Opinion, July 2015

"Emmanuel Chabrier's best known melody, Espana...makes a jubilant finale to a very interesting, entertaining and unpredictable programme. Readers gunning for something unusual but accessible should search it out and rest assured that the recording quality is excellent and the performances technically impeccable and deeply committed."

Goran Forsling, Music Web International, April 2015

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" There is a great deal to enjoy on this disc and the Stankov's enterprising choice of repertoire with their investigation into English language song for voice and violin has much to be commended so that the songs on this disc are anything but ordinary and a musical evening with the Stankov's clearly has lots of elements of the unexpected to delight. Performances are always of a high standard and to much to both move and charm...Do try the disc, there is much to enjoy."

Robert Hugill, Planet Hugill, April 2015

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